The Good Mother of Abangoh Selected to Screen at the Indianapolis International Film Festival

February 25, 2008
Indianapolis, IN--The Good Mother of Abangoh, has been selected to screen at the Indianapolis International Film Festival.

The mission of the Indianapolis International Film Festival is to present films that inform, enlighten, and educate the community by providing a vivid reflection of the rich cultural diversity of Indianapolis and the world beyond our doors.

Our reason for being
The Indianapolis International Film Festival Group exists to celebrate the art of cinema. We are confident, bold and trailblazing in our quest for the best the industry has to offer — from the past, the present, and in the future — from home and abroad. IIFF Group strives to entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire through bold and imaginative programming and by bringing premieres of both mainstream and culturally important cinema from all parts of the world to Indianapolis. We are dedicated to fostering new talent and helping filmmakers connect with the global industry. We are also dedicated to educating and developing audiences for international cinema in Indianapolis, screening the kind of innovative, visionary work that is often marginalized and which may not normally achieve wide distribution.