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The Good Mother of Abangoh is the story of Sister Jane Mankaa, a woman who defies her family to join a contemplative religious order then leaves that community to care for the orphaned children in her village. The inspiration, dedication and willpower of this amazing woman sustains her family of 43 children. Shot on location in Abangoh, Cameroon, this film captures just how Sister Jane helps her children recover from their suffering and flourish in their newfound lives.

Genre: Documentary
TRT: 22:00 min


Sister Jane Mankaa, founder of The Good Shepherd Home

The Children of Good Shepherd
Gilbert, Mirabelle, Kelvin, Juliet, Kevin, Petee, Divine Doreen

Dr. Walter Shu, Medical Doctor
Sister Mary Ann, Sisters of Emmanuel
Evodia Ngwa, High School Teacher
Father Joseph, Chaplain
Eugene Ngwa, Teacher
Emmanuel, GSH Coordinator
Jato, Journalist